The style of illustration and content of these books draws on the success of earlier publications. They will enchant and engage the reader with a wonderful variety of stories that will help them to develop a love of reading.
Flying Starters is a new series of 12 short books specifically for dyslexic and reluctant readers. Written by two dyslexia specialists with wide experience in teaching reading, these are attractive, satisfying stories which are easy to read.
  • A key factor is strict vocabulary control, which means using words with regular spelling patterns. Repetition is also important, as are the detailed illustrations on every page.
  • The stories are mainly aimed at children aged from 5 to 10 years but they are also useful for students learning to read at 11 or 12, especially those who missed out on traditional stories when younger.
  • With just 12 pages, each book is short enough to read at one go, giving the reader a sense of achievement. The books are numbered 1 to 12 in order of difficulty, with a short list of harder words at the end of each book for extra practise. They can be used in conjunction with any phonic reading scheme.
We use a phonic approach as do most reading schemes. To see our method demonstrated simply click the LOOK INSIDE link for any book.
  • Our books are written to show the pleasure of a good story and to encourage young readers to explore further. These are stories, not exercises.
  • Many of the tales are traditional but there are some new ones too.
  • Detailed illustrations on every page by accomplished artists engage the reader and provide clues to the text.


Bill robs a bank

Bill, disguised in a wig, bites off more than he can chew when he tries to rob a bank. The weather and a handy policeman contrive to stop Bill in his tracks as he tries to escape.

LOOK INSIDE Bill Robs a Bank , introduces words with short vowels only, i.e. CVC words, (consonant, short vowel, consonant) wig.

There are some CVCC or CCVC words, runs, grab (note/gr/).

Also included are consonant digraphs, /sh/, /ch/, cash, much.
The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan famously helps and tends to a stranger, robbed and fallen by the wayside. This Old Testament bible story illustrates the tenet, love thy neighbour as thy self.

LOOK INSIDE The Good Samaritan, contains CVC words (consonant, short vowel, consonant) leg, and CVCC words, long.

Also two letter words (CV) with a long vowel, he.
The Lion and the Mouse

The well loved Aesop’s fable of the tiny mouse whose life is spared by the great lion. The mouse later repays the debt...

LOOK INSIDE The Lion and the Mouse, contains CVC words (consonant, short vowel, consonant) let, ran.

Also included are long /a/ words, /ai/ plain and /ay/ way and long /e/ words, /ee/ sleep and /ea/, eat.

Vowel consonant digraphs are /er/ her, /aw/ saw.
The Old Man and the Gold Fish

A poor fisherman frees a golden fish caught in his net, in exchange for a wish. He asks for a new net, but his wife goads him into asking for more and more with disastrous results...

LOOK INSIDE The Old Man and the Gold Fish, contains words with CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) man, and CCVCC cross (note /cr/).

Also included are consonant digraphs /sh/ fish, /ch/ much, and /ck/ back.

Magic e, makes the vowel /o/ long, in the word, home.
There are some 2 and 3 syllable words, pa/lace, to/ge/ther.
Mr and Mrs Snow in Love

A Snowman and a Snow lady waiting for a bus are cold, despite their warm coats and scarves. But they have to wait so long that finally everything thaws out in the sun.

LOOK INSIDE Mr and Mrs Snow in Love, contains CVC words (consonant, short vowel, consonant) bus and CCVC words stop ( note /st/ ).

Vowel consonant digraphs included are, /ow/ snow, /ar/ scarves, /ur/ fur. 2 syllable words are, wai/ting, wai/ted, mel/ted.
Orange and Lemon

Orange and Lemon are two fish in a pond. The children who feed them hope for baby fish. But having babies is not for Orange. She grows out of all proportion...

LOOK INSIDE Orange and Lemon, contains CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, big, fat, bad, and CCVC frog (note /fr/) and CVCC fish.

Two syllable words include, yel/low, le/mon, chil/dren, big/ger.
The Tortoise and the Hare

A race between the Tortoise and the Hare. The speedy hare stops by the way to sleep, as tortoise plods his way towards the winning post.

LOOK INSIDE The Tortoise and the Hare, contains CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words hot, nap, and CCVCC still and CVCC last (note /st/).

Also included are 2 syllable words, with suffixes /ed/ and /ing/, plod/ded, ra/cing (long /a/ vowel and soft /c/).
Gopal and the Cowherd

Indian folk story of the poor boy Gopal and the magic pot of curd. Who is the cowherd boy who befriends Gopal and plays with him as he goes through the dark wood to school?

LOOK INSIDE Gopal and the Cowherd, contains CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, bed, big, and CVCC words gift (note /ft/).

There are some 2 syllable words with long vowels combinations, /ai/ a/fraid, /ay/ pray/ing, /ea/ tea/cher.

Also included are vowel digraphs, /er/ herd and /ur/ curd.
Noah's Ark

The story of Noah who builds a wooden ark so that his family and all the animals can survive the great flood.

LOOK INSIDE Noah's Ark , contains CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, can, wet.

Also included are CVCC words must, last, ( note /st/) and 2 and 3 syllable words, fin/ished , an/i/mals.

Words with long vowels, long /a/, /ai/ rain, magic e snake, long /e/, /ee/ squeeze /ea/ sea, long /i/, kind, sign, night, mice.
The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen carries the boy Kay away to the North Pole in her sledge, making him forget all he knew. Gerda his childhood friend, braves the cold to go to the far North to find Kay.

LOOK INSIDE The Snow Queen, contains some CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, hot, cup, met, and proportionally more CCVC words, snow and CVCC words, next, want.

Also included are words with long vowels, magic e, shape, made, ice, rose, used.

There are also some 2 syllable words, gar/den, flow/ers, love/ly, rob/ber.
Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots helps the poor miller’s son to become rich. The story shows how, a little magic, a cat and fine clothes can make the man, but also how a kind heart can win the day.

LOOK INSIDE Puss in Boots, contains some CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, cat, bag, ran and CCVCC words, grand, (note /gr/), and trick (/tr/).

Also included are words with long vowels, (magic e), save, gave, quite, ride, clothes, and 2 syllable words, ri/ver, mas/ter, daugh/ter, o/gre.
Henry VIII. He had six Wives

Told in verse, the saga of King Henry VIII and his six wives, takes a light hearted view of Henry’s desire for a male heir: an enjoyable way of remembering Henry’s wives.

LOOK INSIDE Henry the Eighth He had Six Wives, is in verse.

There are some CVC (consonant, short vowel, consonant) words, wed, rid, six, also CCVC and CVCC words plan and lost.

Also included are words with long vowels, long /a/, /ai/ plain, /ay/ stray, long /i/, /ie/ died and magic e words, take, be/have, life, live, wife. 2 and 3 syllable words included are, ma/rry, ha/ppy, twen/ty, qui/et/ly, com/pan/y.