Your books will be delivered 7-14 days after payment has been made.

Postage & Packing

£3.50 up to and including 12 books (1 set)

£3.50 for each additional set.


Payment can be made using the following methods:

Pro-Forma Invoice

If you need a Pro-Forma invoice, please send us an email stating which items you would like to order and we will email a pro-forma invoice. Email to sales@oxfordbirkbeck.com

Alternatively, please download the Pro-Forma Order Form to complete and post. We will then issue a pro-forma invoice. Please provide an email or postal address where the pro-forma should be sent to.


If you prefer to pay with a cheque you can DOWNLOAD our order form.
Fill it out and send it along with a cheque made payable to G. Oxford to:

G. Oxford
70 Holden Road
Woodside Park
London, N12 7DY


Select the items you want from our PURCHASING page and pay using Paypal.

Please contact us if you have any questions.